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PRAYER LINE NUMBER: 530 881 1030





NIGHT PROGRAM: 11:00-12:00 PM (EST)

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mfm 2013






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Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries STRATEGIC PRAYERS FOR 12-12-12

Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries
International Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria



The number 12 is highly symbolic in the Scriptures. For examples,
1. Figure 12 denotes governmental perfection.
2. Figure 12 is the number or factor of all numbers connected with government.
3. There are 12 Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ (Luke 6:12-16, Mark 10:2-4).
4. There are 12 gates of the celestial city (Rev. 21:12).
5. The new Jerusalem has 12 foundations.
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Audio Messages from Dr Olukoya – Deliverance of The Brain, Mind and Head





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MFM Prayer Model

MFM Prayer Model

Newcomers to this deliverance and prayer warfare ministry always ask questions like ” why do you repeat your prayers? Why are you always saying die! Why are you always shouting? Why are you cursing? The bible says bless them that curse you? Pray for them that despitefully use you! Why use prayer points in prayers?

We will turn to the bible to answer these questions. The MFM prayer style is the prayer model for end time warfare. Prayer points are nothing but apostolic decrees issued by believers who invariably are priests and Kings (Rev 1:6). And therefore Job 22: 28 “Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee.” The dominion lost in the garden of Eden, has been restored in SALVATION. The regain of dominion is a regain of authority. Ecclesiastes 8: 4 “Where the word of a king is, there is power: and who may say unto him, What doest thou?” Awareness and consciousness of our regained dominion as priest and kings, is made manifest in the MFM prayer model of prayer by apostolic decrees. Continue reading

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Listen To Messages by Dr Olukoya Free

01. Crushing the Cords of Wickedness Wed0907-2008
02. Kill your Goliath by Fire PR2507-2008
03. The University of Champions part 1 Wed2307-2008
04. The University of Champions part 2 Wed3007-2008
05. The University of Champions part 3 Wed0608-2008
06. The University of Champions part 4 Wed1308-2008
07. Contending with Haman Powers Wed0309-2008
08. Contending with the Eaters of Soul Wed0110-2008
09. The Problem of Mixed Multitude Wed081008
10. The Tragedy of Bible Illiterates Wed151008
11. Kill Your Giants (Night of Solution) Wed2210-2008
12. Crushing Strange Witchcraft Operations PR2410-2008
13. Deliverance from Polygamous Foundation Wed2910-2008
14. Deliverance for indigenes of Riverine areas Wed0511-2008
15. The Great Wrestling Match Wed1911-2008
16. The Divine Yellow-card Wed2611-2008
17. The Magnetic Enemy PR281108
18. The Mystery of Dark Market Wed0312-2008
19. The Mystery of Obscurity Wed1712-2008
21. The Weapon of Holy Madness PR261208
22. The Jealousy of God&2009 Prophetic Insights Ws311208

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I am not seeing any signs of Red Tide from Pass a Grille South

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\”Imagine that: Donald Trump

buy canada goose jacket Ms. SIMONE: Towards the end of that song, it’s very obvious that I began to tell my own story. And when I get to the point where I say, “Freedom is mine, and I know how I feel. \”Imagine that: Donald Trump, who campaigned repeatedly that China was eating our lunch and taking our jobs, is willing to cede both economic and moral ground to China,\” Schumer said. Scientists, business owners, even our kids know ClimateChange is real. Our gov\\u2019t shouldn\\u2019t run away from it. buy canada goose jacket

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Canada Goose Outlet I was holding my son as tightly as I could before he finally gave in. The weight of his body and burden became mine as the fear overwhelmed him. The sound of his sobbing frightened me; it was similar to what I had heard from victims of tragedy in my reporting: an uncontrolled continuous wail.. Canada Goose Outlet

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Or try veggies like broccoli, kale, and Chinese cabbage

canada goose outlet Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D and Calcium canada goose outlet

Vitamin D and calcium can be your best friends if you want to Canada Goose online keep your bones healthy. cheap canada goose uk Get the right amount and you’ll be less likely to break one or get a bone weakening disease called osteoporosis.

canada goose outlet online To figure out how much vitamin D is right for you, you need to get familiar with something called an “international unit,” or IU for short. Canada Goose Online That’s how vitamin D is measured. canada goose outlet online

The Institute of Medicine, a nonprofit organization that gives expert advice on health, recommends that adults age 19 to 70 get 600 IU a day. If you’re older than 70, you need 800 IU a day.

goose outlet canada For calcium, the amount you need depends buy canada goose jacket cheap on your age and sex. goose outlet canada

canada goose outlet in usa All adults 19 50: 1,000 milligrams canada goose outlet in usa

Adult Canada Goose sale men 51 70: 1,000 milligrams

Adult women 51 canada goose coats on sale 70: 1,200 milligrams

All adults 71 and older: 1,200 milligramsPregnant teens: 1,300 milligrams

canada goose outlet nyc How Do You Get Vitamin D and Calcium? canada unicorndesigns goose outlet Canada Goose Outlet nyc

canada goose outlet sale You can load up on calcium from a lot of different kinds of food. For example, add some dairy to your diet, such as milk, cheese, and yogurt. Or try veggies like broccoli, kale, and Chinese cabbage. canada goose outlet sale

canada goose outlet black friday Some foods, like orange juice or buy canada goose jacket cereal, are “calcium fortified,” which means the nutrient is added in by the manufacturer before you buy it. canada goose outlet black friday

Want a simple plan to get the recommended 1,000 milligrams a day? You can do it if you eat canada goose clearance a packet of fortified oatmeal, a cup of fortified orange juice, a cup of yogurt, and half a cup of cooked spinach.

You have a lot of food choices to get the vitamin D you need. Try things like:

Salmon, tuna, sardines, canada goose mackerel, and shrimp

Egg canadian goose jacket yolks

canada goose outlet new york city Beef liverCod and fish liver oils canada goose outlet new york city

Food with added vitamin D, such as milk and some cereals, yogurts, and orange juice

It’s not hard to reach your daily goal. You can get more than a day’s recommended amount if you eat just one small can of pink canada goose factory sale salmon.

canada goose outlet canada Another source of the nutrient is the sun. Your body makes it from sunlight. But you need to wear sunscreen to protect Canada Goose Coats On Sale your skin, and that blocks your body from making vitamin D. Also, it can Canada Goose Outlet be hard to make enough from the winter sun, depending on where you live. canada goose outlet canada

canada goose outlet uk sale If you’re not getting all the vitamin D and calcium you need from food, talk with your doctor about taking a multivitamin or supplements, says JoAnn Manson, MD, DrPH, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. canada goose outlet uk sale

canada goose outlet store uk Can You Get Too Much Vitamin D or Calcium? canada goose outlet store uk

canada goose factory outlet Getting more than you need uk canada goose isn’t always better, Manson says. It’s possible to get too much of the nutrients, usually when you overdo supplements. You can’t get too much vitamin D from sunshine, and it’s not likely you’d get too cheap Canada Goose much from food. canada goose factory outlet

official canada goose outlet Too much calcium from supplements can lead to kidney canada goose uk shop stones. And you may be more likely to have a heart attack and other heart problems, though that’s not certain. official canada goose outlet

canada goose outlet jackets If you get too much vitamin D, it can upset your stomach, make you constipated, and lead to weakness canada goose outlet jackets.

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We estimate that Democrats would win 224 seats if the

After Berlin, I took the opportunity to race whilst fit, as this was the longest I had managed to stay injury free. It was also a chance to race without the pressure of an upcoming championships. It didn’t happen exactly to plan, but I was pleased to have stayed consistent enough to handle any failures, and allow them to point me in the right direction..

9. Then came the million dollar question that nearly everyone in the country had been waiting to ask Rekha and Amitabh. Simi Garewal stepped in for everyone else and asked it on behalf of them: Did Rekha fall in love with Amitabh? Her oft quoted answer to that question was, “Absolutely! Duh, that’s a dumb question!” And then went cheap hermes belt on to generalise that statement, “I’m replica hermes yet to come across a man, woman, child, who best hermes replica handbags can’t help but fall completely, passionately, insanely, desperately and especially, hopelessly, in love with him.

KELEMEN: Yeah, hermes birkin bag replica cheap it was kind replica hermes belt uk of striking because, you know, on the face of it, it looked like this very typical visit by replica hermes oran sandals a secretary of state high quality replica bags going to see the king at his palace, a brief stop at the foreign ministry hermes evelyne replica and high replica bags a lot of time with the Replica Hermes Bags hermes belt replica crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, who’s this young, very powerful figure hermes belt replica aaa here. We’re told that Hermes Bags Replica the hermes replica bags conversations have been direct and candid, you know, diplo speak for quite tough. But you wouldn’t know it by watching these men greeting each other in front of the cameras and talking about how important this relationship is..

Democrats remain in a stronger position than Republicans to win the House of Representatives, with their chances of having gradually improved over the summer.]]>(CBS NEWS) Democrats remain in a stronger position than Republicans to win the House of Representatives, with their chances of having gradually improved over the summer. We estimate that Democrats would win 224 seats if the elections were held today, which is more than the 218 needed for a majority. The margin of error is plus or minus 12 seats, which means that control Hermes Replica of the chamber is still in play.

Because of the way the laser works, it takes time for high quality hermes birkin replica new collagen growth to appear. The laser creates holes, or dots into the skin. This induces tightening and collagen growth, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Does having a Sat Nav mean I have abandoned map reading Replica Hermes or looking at sign posts or using my common sense? No of course it hasn’t. I still look at a map before I embark on a journey and I always get on the net aaa replica bags and replica hermes birkin 35 print off a copy of my route with road by road directions. I have never wanted to rely entirely on technology and in certain places a signal can disappear..

That the governing party in Saskatchewan can easily get away with using such a dire warning as a political football in its carbon tax fight demonstrates the bind Meili is caught in. To go any further before the a 2020 (or earlier) election would have been difficult for Meili. Yet many in his party can rightly argue this policy doesn go far enough..

“I agree that we need to discuss the location of where we’re going to put retail sales and we’re going to be best hermes replica able to do that. But right now that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about now is to allow this business continue perfect hermes replica to apply for a state permit, for a cannabis control permit,” she said.

There are more kitchen fires on Thanksgiving Day than on any other day of the hermes bag replica year. Department hermes replica birkin bag of Homeland Security, says there are nearly 2,000 kitchen fires each year on Thanksgiving. These fires cause approximately $21 million in property damage and injure over 20 people.

A single serving of almonds provides 3.5 grams of dietary fibre and 7.7 milligrams of hermes birkin bag replica Vitamin E. In fact, almonds are a healthy snacking option for those with type 2 diabetes too. It has been found that including almonds in a healthy high quality hermes birkin replica diet can help maintain body weight and can high quality hermes replica uk have beneficial effects on blood sugar, cholesterol levels and markers of inflammation, which may help reduce risk for heart disease in adults Hermes Replica Bags with type 2 diabetes.

Butler wrote many articles, even contributing to the Nation and other magazines.7. Douglas Refers to Stephen A. Douglas leader of hermes replica bracelet the Northern Democrats. The External Dimension of Withdrawal from the European Union. Revue des Affaires europennes. 2016 (4), pp.

As a surfer, any film that begins with ocean waves rushing towards the coast will draw me in, even if they are closing out. Hence I was immediately drawn into Naomi Kawase’s Still the Water, a quiet poetic film with many shots of water, sun lit banyan Hermes Handbags Replica trees, glimmering yellow moons, to the sound best hermes replica handbags of waves, rain and wind. The focus of this symbolic tale are two adolescent children, a boy and a girl, both grappling with profound realizations about the transience hermes blanket replica of life.

Will experienced and knowledgeable software engineers work on developing the business mobile app Don’t let pricing influence your decision. Even if you have to pay a bit more, Hire a team of experienced and knowledgeable programmers who know how to design and develop the apps and have experience in developing a high quality hermes replica uk similar app. Be wary of firms who hermes replica birkin charge less.

Love reappraisal showed no effect on either love or mood, but still dulled the emotional response fake hermes belt women’s to the photo. That can in turn elicit different emotions based on the situation. When love is reciprocated, one can feel joy, or, in the case of best hermes evelyne replica a breakup, persistent love feelings are associated with sadness and difficulty recovering an independent sense of self..

Thanks to stiff competition from AMD Hermes Kelly Replica finally in the GPU market NVIDIA has sought to the best replica bags dethrone AMD once again, and this new video card is configured to do that, no question about it. On one hand, this shows how well AMD is competing right now, on the other hand, it shows how fierce NVIDIA can be to pounce on the competition. NVIDIA cannot hermes birkin bag replica cheap and will not let replica hermes belt uk the competition win, if it has that option.

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Soft bodied animals rarely fossilise well

canada goose uk shop A bizarre blood sucking Jurassic maggotJust out in eLife, an Open Access journal that aims to rival Science and Nature, is this fantastic fossil of an aquatic fly larva from the Chinese mid Jurassic (around 165 MY ago), published by Chen et al. Soft bodied animals rarely fossilise well, but the Chinese fossil hunters have been able to find three of these fossils, exquisitely preserved. The beast is called Qiyiajurassica Chen et al write: is from the Chinese ‘qiyi’ meaning bizarre; jurassica is a reference to the Jurassic age of the fossils. canada goose uk shop

canada goose uk outlet What all is the DNA code?Wow. Um. That’s a very broad questions, but the most simplisticanswer, if you’re actually talking about genetics, is that the”code” is actually a biological protocol for a person’s geneticmaterial (encoded information) is translated canada goose outlet boston into proteins. canada goose uk outlet

buy canada goose jacket cheap Our Sun will die a slow sad death, billions of years from now when it runs out of magic sunjuice. Sure, it’ll be a dramatic red giant for a bit, but then it’ll settle down as a white dwarf. Build a picket fence, relax on the porch with some canada goose outlet houston refreshing sunjuice lemonade. canada goose outlet 80 off buy canada goose jacket cheap

cheap canada goose uk If they’re acting up, a step is better off relaying the information to the parent, especially early canada goose outlet florida on, rather than taking action.A little patience makes a big differenceA strong bond from the original family can serve to canada goose womens outlet squeeze out newcomers at first. A toddler or preschooler may cling desperately to Mom, refusing to separate at the appointed canada goose outlet store montreal drop off time; older kids may pull away both physically and emotionally, and may even feel canada goose outlet ottawa guilty about loving a step. Patience is key, as kids of all ages will need lots of canada goose outlet uk sale time to adjust to the new family dynamic. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose coats The Mustang was redesigned for 2015, featuring an canada goose factory outlet vancouver independent suspension canada goose outlet 2015 to replace the live axle in the rear end, and canada goose outlet vip introducing a turbocharged four cylinder in addition to the V6 and V8 engines. Actually, it was a return of the four cylinder turbo, but since the original was decades ago and ahead of its time, and not particularly successful except as a pioneer, it almost doesn’t canada goose outlet washington dc count. Like it did 50 years ago, the Mustang comes as a Fastback coupe, convertible, and high performance Shelby canada goose outlet parka 350GT. canada goose coats

canada goose The man arm gets bent (read;snapped !) back 90 degrees and mangled. Pausing at 1:35 clearly shows this!Now I it does not bother me, but your warning should indicate what is actually onscreen!The spinning dolphins are the Naia, canada goose factory outlet toronto location the little spinning dolphins of Hawaiian waters, unique to Hawaii. It is my theory that they spin for joy when to breathe.)They were known to native Hawaiians, and by Tap Karen Pryor friends, who founded Sea Life Park (for revenue) The Oceanic Institute AKA the Makai Range (for research). canada goose

canada goose store Guest post: another brand of accommodationismColumnist and gay activist Dan Savage, speaking at a journalism conference in Seattle, caused quite an uproar by criticizing Biblically based bigotry against gays.The canada goose outlet online uk clip is worth watching for two reasons.First, Savage, speaking at the National High School Journalist Conference in Seattle, points out the hypocrisy of someone using the Bible as a justification for certain actions while ignoring all the other questionable behaviors it endorses (such as slavery or stoning non virgin brides to death). Savage says this:The Bible. We’ll just talk about the Bible for a second. canada goose store

canada goose clearance The lawful procedure is usually extremely tedious and troublesome. Most firms canada goose outlet canada try to reject their lawful and ethical obligations. Consequently, the most effective canada goose jacket outlet toronto method is to decide on from one of many mesothelioma lawyers. Who was the people on atomic bombs dropped on hiroshima?Enola gay crew Colonel Paul Tibbets Captain Robert Lewis Captain Theodore Van Kirk Major Thomas Ferebee Lieutenant canada goose outlet edmonton Jacob Beser Sergeant Joseph Stiborik Private Richard Nelson Staff Sergeant Wyatt Duzenbury Staff Sergeant Robert Caron Captain Deke Parson 2nd Lieutenant Morris Jeppson Bockscar crew Major Charles Sweeney First Lieutenant Charles Albury Captain James Van Pelt, Jr. The Japanese government ignored this demand. The US dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6; then the second on Nagasaki on August 9. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Coats On Sale This was another product we tried with my husky puppy. The food filters canada goose outlet london down into the fabric rolls, creating a complex foraging dish that requires your dog to sniff out each piece of kibble. As an activity, it provided plenty of stimulation and slowed his eating down dramatically. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose black friday sale With a small squad at this age group the young u12s are really learning Canada Goose Outlet form Mc Gowan with great improvement showed by Caolan Mitchell, Darren Edwards, Patrick Breslin and Keelan Heeney especially. Blaze played their part in this great game canada goose outlet toronto and they too had some great young players on show with Deeney and Hannigan the pick. MVP you would think has to big Michal but he would have to admit Mc Gowans supply was top notch. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose coats on sale It is canada goose outlet mall essential for a small business owner to plan the finances, in the long run, to ensure the longevity of the business and reduce its reliance on borrowed funds. This requires analysis of various internal and external factors to make sure that your business venture stays on the growth path in the long run. Following are some of the most critical factors that you must keep in mind while planning your canada goose outlet jackets long term financials: canada goose coats on sale.

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